For Kathleen:

Diamonds, pearls, rubys, and emeralds,
That’s what I remember about you.
Well, there is the big mirror in the bathroom,
And also the phone in the bathroom.
And by the way, why was there a phone in the bathroom?
Did you ever use it?

Trips into the city, and playing Martha Stewart.
Those are my best memories.
No wait, there were those times at the pool,
With the licorice and floating beds.
Those were good times, no those were great times.
I want them back.

You were my hero, my mentor.
You lived your life to the fullest,
And I loved you for it.
Step back, hold on, wait –
You ARE my hero, my mentor
I live MY life more full now,
And I LOVE you for it.

To soon you were gone,
And by too soon I mean way too soon.
Life is not fair to that degree,
But I have learned to deal with it,
Even though I really did not want to.
It is really not fair.

I pick myself up and smile everyday.
It’s hard but it needs to be done.
You are with me wherever I go.
I wear purple often to support the cause.
You may have lost the battle,
But I will keep fighting, and I live on.
I keep fighting for the hope for a cure.

Diamonds, pearls, rubys, and emeralds.
Mirrors, phones, the city, and Martha Stewart.
Pools, licorice, and floating beds.
Support the cause, fight for the hope.
Fight for the cure.
You live on in everyone.