EDU 363
Lesson plan format – for Unit Plan

Use the following categories to guide you as you write up your three lesson plans. To create this format, I have drawn from the UMF lesson plan format that you will be expected to use while student teaching. However, I have not included all categories, and have changed the order a bit, in a way that seems more logical to me. You should feel free to re-arrange it to best suit the way your “instructional planning mind” works.
Choose a time frame between 60 and 80 minutes for your lesson plan length.
The categories, in bold, are, as I noted, the UMF named categories. After that, in italics, are my comments and questions, intended to help you think about the lesson and what to pay attention to.

Lesson Plan Format
What will students learn, know, or be able to do, as a result of this lesson?
Draw from the objectives you have already set. Or, create new objectives, based on the projects and assignments you are focusing on and consideration of the skills/processes students will need to be able to do in order to complete those projects and assignments.

Teaching and Learning Sequence
Describe in detail what will happen during the lesson. The different things you will do, the things students will do; the strategies and activities you will use.

Differentiated Instruction
Write a paragraph or two in which you discuss what strategies, modifications and accommodations, or extensions you might use to help kids who need extra support or extra challenge.

What formative assessments will you use to know how/if kids are learning what you want them to learn?
Are there summative assessments directly involved in this lesson, or, does this lesson in one way or another connect to a summative assessment?