English Methods - EDU 363

Spring 2014

Our adventure with Shakespeare and The Tempest

here is the overview of the readings that I gave you to read for Tuesday March 4.

1. One-pager titled "The Folger's Philosophy of Teaching and Learning" - this one is super important, as it really sets out the way they encourage teachers to approach Shakespeare. (and, it really makes some broader points about teaching and learning, too)
2. One-pager with the word "astrolabe" at the top. (the back of that page has some scene suggestions, and summaries of the scenes, - for classroom performance "play"). This page gives some background on where the idea for the play may have come from. Give it a skim over.
3. "Up on Your Feet with Shakespeare: The Wrong Way and the Right". This one is really about a pedagogical approach (a classroom approach) for reading and playing with scenes from a Shakespeare play. In this one, the play he uses is Othello, so, you can skim those parts, but, read the beginning parts more carefully, as that explains the actualy way he is encouraging teachers to work with a scene.
4. English Journal article - "Shakespearean Ruminations and Innovations". again, a variety of ideas about how to teach Shakespeare, what works and what is not so great. read this one pretty carefully. It should drive some of your thinking this week, about what to do with our "students".

Here are some resources for you to begin looking at....

from the Folger:




homework for Tuesday February 4th

reading: the [long] Nancie Atwell piece, "Finding Poetry Everywhere"

writing: from the interwebs, a quick look around and search for something about teaching poetry, a resource you could imagine using. make a few notes. I will actually send you a google doc to make your notes into...

thinking: about your own "passions" - things you would want to explore and learn more about, like what the students did in the "Passion Project" in the "Teaching from the Heart" piece.


Curriculum Planning
Becoming an English teacher
Teaching, Reading, Learning Shakespeare
Finding, reading, hearing poetry
reading a Novel in Verse
Paper in Parts: Poetry Project
teaching poetry
working with essential questions
unit planning
practice teaching
getting more familiar with the territory of English Language Arts
looking at standards: NCTE, MLRs, Common Core

social media for the teacher/about teaching [English]
How to work with Shakespeare and his plays

links to check out:


Unit Plan - go here, for all the links and resources...


Reading in the Common Core

Writing in the Common Core